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Miniatures: Music from Anatolia

A Call For World Peace
May 31, 2017
“Anatolian Inspirations” Concert
December 18, 2019


The Soloists of New Manhattan Sinfonietta by TAASNY

Derin Öge, piano

Emre Engin & Yiğit Karataş, violins

Mehmet Aydin, viola

Ezgi Yargici, cello


Yunus Emre Institute is excited to host the first concert by a project by Turkish American Arts Society of New York (TAASNY) “The Soloists of New Manhattan Sinfonietta” This special concert will include musical works by national leading composers from Anatolia, Turkey, as well as a repertory that is related to Turkish Region and history of these lands. New Manhattan Sinfonietta is a new orchestra in New York City, founded under the direction of Maestro Gürer Aykal and Turkish American Arts Society of New York (TAASNY). This projects aim is not only performances of orchestral literature, but also orchestral leading members aim to present a variety of chamber works for multiple instruments by Turkish composers or folk music arrangements. This concert will include works for different combinations of 4 string instruments (2 violins, viola, and cello) and a piano. The concert program will include one of the most famous Turkish Classical pioneer's music such as Ahmet Adnan Saygun and Necil Kazım Akses,as well as living leading composers’ works by Özkan Manav and Hasan Uçarsu. Arrangements of famous Anatolian and Balkan folk tunes, Turkish Tangos by Necip Celal Andel, and famous Nihavend Longa by Bestekar Kemani Kevser Hanım will be some of the highlights of the program.