About NMS

New Manhattan Sinfonietta (NMS) is a New York City based orchestra founded by world renowned Turkish maestro Mr. Gürer Aykal. NMS will proudly perform concerts at a caliber that will match the taste and sophistication of the audiences in and out of New York. Mr. Aykal has enthusiastically established the New Manhattan Sinfonietta as his final orchestra project. NMS was originally conceived in 2016 by Gurer Aykal in collaboration with Ibrahim Yazici, the president of Turkish American Arts Society of New York (TAASNY). NMS will seek to promote Turkish culture through the performance of Turkish inspired compositions by Turkish musicians. Although not exclusive to Turks, the orchestra is intended to give a home to Turkish musicians who wish to perform regularly in the United States. NMS is proud to be making its world premiere on November 29th, 2018 at the prestigious Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium. The debut performance will be conducted by Mr. Seiji Mukaiyama, a Japanese composer and conductor, and will honor the exemplary friendship between Turkey and Japan. The concert is dedicated to world peace at a time when we need it the most.

Meet the People of the Sinfonietta

Gurer Aykal, Conductor

Musicians of the Sinfonietta
Emre Engin, Concertmaster
Yiğit Karataş, Principal Second Violin
Gizem Yücel, Principal Viola
Emirhan Tunca, Principal Cello
Arda Cabaoğlu, D.M.A., Principal Trumpet
Derin Oge, piano

Artists in Residence
Mahir Cetiz , D.M.A., Composer in Residence

Sinfonietta Staff
Gurer Aykal, Founder, Artistic Director, (Music Director – TAASNY)
Ibrahim Yazici, Founder, Executive Director, (President – TAASNY)
Aysen Darcan, Ph.D., Founder, Executive Director, (Vice President – TAASNY)
Arda Cabaoğlu, D.M.A., Assistant Director (Artist at TAASNY)
Mert Turkoglu, Production Designer
Hale Pinar Zengingonul, Ph.D., Administrator

Gürer Aykal


Gürer Aykal, the founder of Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and its General Music Director and Principal Conductor since 1999, became their honorary conductor in 2008. He was decorated with the “State Artist” title by the Turkish Government in 1981, received the Finnish State Medal in May 2008 for his contributions to cultural cooperation between Turkey and Finland. He also was nominated as “Artist of the Year” by Turkish Journalists Association in 1999 for “his successful efforts in promoting modern Turkish Republic through music both at home and abroad”. Gürer Aykal was also honored with the International Prize for the Performing Arts category by Latium between Europe and the Mediterranean on July 3, 2008. The award-giving ceremony was held in Rome at Complesso del Vittoriano.