Kii No Kuni Symphony
Fifth Movement “Friendship”
Part 1: “By Skin of Their Teeth”: Escape from Tehran
Part 2: “Ertugrul Trajectory”


New Manhattan Sinfonietta

Seiji Mukaiyama, Conductor

Emre Engin, Concertmaster

Nazli Alptekin, Soprano

The Dessoff Choirs

Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir

Halit Mizrakli, Host


“A Call for World Peace” concert is dedicated to Japan-Turkish friendship. The symphonic suite “Friendship”, composed and conducted by Seiji Mukaiyama, will be performed by New Manhattan Sinfonietta and accompanied by the Dessoff Choirs and Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir. Symphony has two parts dedicated to true historical events that impacted many Japanese and Turkish lives. The first part titled “By Skin of Their Teeth: Escape from Tehran” is about rescuing Japanese lives from Tehran by Turkish aircraft in 1985. Second part titled “Ertugrul Trajectory”” is about the Ertugrul Frigate that sank off Japanese shore in 1890. In the accident, more than 500 of those on board were killed, and only 69 sailors were rescued by Japanese villagers. This concert honors acts of true friendship between two countries 100 years apart.

Seiji Mukaiyama

debut at carnegie hall on november 29, 2018

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