Seiji Mukaiyama



Seiji Mukaiyama was born in 1946 in the Wakayama Province of Japan, a place where Turkish Ertugrul frigate sank in the waters of Japan in the year of 1890. The subsequent events that followed the tragedy laid the foundation of Turkish-Japanese friendship. In 1998, Mr. Mukaiyama states that he -in his own words- ‘suddenly’ began composing classical pieces. As a writer and a composer, he often uses the themes of nature, people and history for his works. In addition to working as a writer and a composer, Mr. Mukaiyama also directs and conducts several orchestras. In 2009 he composed two influential historical pieces, first a composition where he told the sad story of the Ertugrul frigate and another where he wrote the rescue of Japanese citizens by the help of Turkish government from Tehran in 1985. These two works describing the Turkish-Japanese friendship constitute the 5th Symphonic suite that Mukaiyama named Friendship. After the completion of the orchestration, the first concert was held at the Kushimoto site in Wakayama Prefecture, where the Ertugrul frigate sank. On the occasion of the `Year of Japan’ in 2010 in Turkey, he embarked on a concert tour in Turkey, including the cities of Mersin, Ankara and Istanbul. Similar concerts were later performed in Japan and eventually in 2016 these pieces were renamed Call to World Peace dedicated to world peace by telling the historical story of these events and the shared human values.