Halit Mizrakli




Mr.  Halit Mizrakli was born in Istanbul. After completing his university education in Çanakkale, he studied Japanese Culture and Language at Tsukuba University in Japan. In 2014, he completed his doctorate in Japanology and Japanese Theater at Osaka University. In addition, he self-taught and trained himself on the single-person traditional Japanese theater `Rakugo’ and in 2003, and he performed his first solo show in Japan. In March 2003, he was granted the name ‘Warattei Harito’ by world renowned Rakugo performer Yanagiya Sankyo. In February 2010, his career received a significant boost when he won the jury’s special prize in the Sakuden Grand Prize competition, an important step in the development of young actors. Mizrakli, who appeared as a guest on many radio and television channels in Japan, has also played the character of Selim in the Turkish-Japanese Joint Production movie ERTUGRUL 1890.

He is currently an Associate Professor in the Global Studies Faculty at Chiba University of Commerce, where he is also involved in many art and performance related projects.